About Us

We live on the frontier between food and pharmaceuticals and we ’re fascinated by the expanding link between nutrition and health. Achieving optimum health isn’t always easy or obvious, which is why the team at Specialty Nutrition works to bring Effective Nutrition products to life in brands that matter. We obsess over the science of nutrition to create the most innovative nutritional and health-promoting technologies available, with proof that they work.

We are a nutrition brand-building firm focused on commercializing innovative, IP-protected nutritional and health-promoting technologies. We act as co-development partner with large consumer products and nutrition companies to rapidly commercialize nutrition innovations, represents academic institutions and individual inventors to find new commercial applications for their inventions, and develop brands for commercial launch in the commercial market. The professionals of Specialty Nutrition have been responsible for launching new nutraceuticals products with current annual retail sales for over $1.1 billion, across every channel of distribution.

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